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£5 app day writeup

Saturday’s £5 App Day went very well – during the day we had over 30 people attending the various talks (a similar turn-out to our regular £5 App evening meetings but without the free beer!).Most attendees were programmers and freelancers, some were ‘business types’ – most from Brighton but a few from out as far […]

Week of SkillSwaps (including me on screencasting)

Danny has organised a whole week of SkillSwaps (overview on Upcoming) for the week commencing Nov 19th. The events are: Photography 101 (Jane Dallaway) Master Screencasting (me) Agile: Iterating the Reasons (Joh Hunt & Tom Hume) The Art of Storytelling (Charlie Davies) 10 reasons why you shouldn’t test your software (Rosie Sherry) For my Master […]

Improvements to ShowMeDo

Kyran has completed some fantastic new work on our ShowMeDo: New frontpage (a few weeks back) resulting in a 10% decrease in bounces from the frontpage New portals for Python, Ruby and other categories Site-wide unification of font choices Cleaner interface for the header and sidebars I’ve also worked on smaller changes: Speed-ups throughout the […]

ShowMeDo Services – now with prices!

Phew, it has been a long time coming. Our Professional Screencast Production Service service now has a price page which details the cost of our plans. The plans cover ‘basic hosting’ for a trial service (allowing up to 1,000 plays per month) along with a Silver (£100 p/m) and Gold Plan (£500 p/m) which carry […]

5 Pound App *Day* on Saturday 10th 10am-6pm

For the Digital Festival we’re having a whole day (sign up-> of £5 App Goodness aimed at moving your project forward: When: Saturday 10th November, 10am-6pm Where: North Laines, see Upcoming Cost: Free Food/Drink: You supply your own, shops nearby Wifi? Yes, laptops welcome Sponsor: Alan Newman of SensibleDevelopment (plug: talk to Alan for bespoke […]

Facelift for our ShowMeDo Services

I’m very pleased to say that our ShowMeDo Services (see my Professional Screencasting site ProCasts instead) site has had an overhaul by a professional designer. Kyran did a great job implementing the new design and we have more tweaks to come. On the site we give three case studies – a user education screencast that […]

FivePoundApp *Day* during Digital Festival

Our Five Pound App Day [Upcoming] is listed on the Digital Festival site now, running on Saturday 10th November from 10am-6pm. Please sign-up on Upcoming so we can plan our numbers. The theme is ‘moving start-ups a step forward’, we’ll have four sessions during the day on: The Perils of Bootstrapping (by me + other […]

“Set your own price” for goods?

[Update – added micropatron report near the end] RadioHead have taken a bold move with their latest album “In Rainbows” as they allow fans to set their own pricing for the digital download (summary, long write-up with pictures of the process). Except for a fixed credit-card overhead (around 45p) it seems that you can […]

Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 1)

Three years ago I dropped out of being a paid-employee and switched to being a consultant. I’ve had a number of people ask about my experiences as they’re interested in following a similar route. I’m going to write a short set of posts on the subject and I welcome questions. Articles: Introduction, Successful Freelancing, Talking […]

ShowMeDo’s New “Services” Arm

I’m very pleased to announce that Kyran and I have completed the first version of The site is our ‘commercial arm’ which aims to help companies with: Creating screencasts for marketing and training Premium video hosting We are already working for 4 Brighton-based companies and have garnered some very nice testimonials. Next – I […]