About Ian

Ian provides Data Science consulting as an interim Chief Data Scientist for team coaching, product licensing and IP development using the Python data science (“PyData”) stack. He’s been in the field for 15+ years working with companies including Hotels.com, Royal Mail, Channel 4, Mitsubishi Finance Bank Securities, TheTrainLine, Barnardos, Hailo, QBE Insurance Europe, Endava and the NHS. These domains include financial services, retail, healthcare, logistics and recruitment.

For fun, Ian flies light aircraft, surfs, brews fine coffee and is taught how to behave by a high-energy working-line English Springer Spaniel.
Ian’s passion for data science means that whilst he’s happy to be paid, he’ll work on open source tools and travel around the world to speak at conferences at his own expense. Given half a chance Ian will remind an audience about their duties to contribute to and not just consume from the open source ecosystem!

His varied career includes:

Co-founding the world’s largest Python Data Science meetup PyDataLondon with 9,500+ active members
Delivering data science solutions and strategy for multinationals, SMEs and start-ups
Exploring some of the earliest programmable analogue ICs with evolutionary computing
Pushing Python’s high-performance boundaries which led to his first open source conference tutorial and then to publishing on High Performance Python with the top-of-tier publisher O’Reilly
Helping to explore an earlier (pre-Siri!) generation of AI-hanging-on-your-home-wall personal assistants with Tony Ellis
Living in Santiago via Startup-Chile building a cloud-enabled computer vision platform to help mobile developers using machine vision (back before Tensorflow!)
Promoting open-source education with his own start-up ShowMeDo with co-founder Kyran Dale (also of O’Reilly data science fame).
Co-founding the Open Coffee Sussex entrepreneur meet-up with Jon Markwell
Co-founding the Brighton-based £5 App meet-up to celebrate “lightweight interesting business and tech stories”, back when he lived in Brighton

"I had a pleasure to work with Ian when he supported Channel 4's data science team as a consultant. Ian brought his deep knowledge in Big Data to deliver a number of successful data models but also helped to mentor and develop a team of young but talented data scientists. I would definitely recommend Ian as a key player in any data science initiative."
Deputy Head of Planning and Analytics at Channel 4
Pedro Cosa
“Ian joined us as our Principal Data Scientist, some 2 years ago and has been a great asset to the team. He turned our vision of the data products we could build into a reality and has helped bring them into Production giving us cutting edge IP. He helped build and became a very productive member of our team. The problems we are solving are incredibly complex and without Ian's help I doubt we would be where we are today. “
CEO at Elevate
Dan Collier
Ian’s GitHub account contains an extensive list of his own projects and the contributions he’s made to other projects. A prominent example is the Data Science Delivered collection of notes and example Jupyter Notebooks for data scientists.
You can also find Ian across all the popular social haunts:

High Performance Python (2nd edition) was published in 2020 by Ian Ozsvald and Micha Gorelick.

“One of the best books I ever read on Python, period. If you are a pythonista data scientist this is a must read - it explains neatly how to profile an application, how the Python interpreter works at the machine level (and therefore how to circumvent its limitations), asynchronous programming, multiprocessing, and much more. The book is replete with programming examples that allow the student to understand the concepts easily - and empower them with practical snippets.”
Amazon.co.uk Review

Ian writes his own open source code on github and has contributed to prominent projects including:

Ian may be speaking at the following events in 2020:

No more planned, I'll be attending PyConUK later in the year.
Since 2011 Ian has lectured, taught and given opening keynote talks around the world including at:

Keynote talks

BudapestBI 2015
“Shipping data science products!” opening keynote
PyConSE 2015
“Data science deployed” opening keynote
PyConIreland 2014
“The real unsolved problems in data science” opening keynote
PyLondinium 2018
"Citizen Science with Python" - "Very interesting data science talk" @NicholasHerriot
EuroPython 2018
"Citizen Science with Python" - "Really cool talk! @bz_sara"
PyCon Lithuania 2019
"Citizen Science with Python"

Regular talks and tutorials

PyCon 2012
“High performance Python tutorial”
EuroSciPy 2012
“Parallel Python” tutorial
EuroSciPy 2013
“Building an open source data science company”
PyCon 2013
“Applied parallel computing” tutorial
PyConUK 2014
“High performance Python landscape”
PyConUK 2013
“Social media disambiguation with NLP”
EuroSciPy 2015
“Data cleaning on text to prepare for analysis and machine learning”
PyDataLondon 2014
“High performance python landscape”
PyDataLondon 2015
“Ship it! Turning raw data into valuable services”
PyConUK 2015
“Shipping data science products!”
PyDataBerlin 2016
“Statistically speculating on the source of sneezes and sniffles”
PyDataParis 2015
“Cleaning confused collections of characters”
PyConUK 2016
“Practical ML for engineers”
PyDataLondon 2016
“Statistically solving sneezes and sniffles”
BudapestBI 2017
“Machine learning libraries you’d wish you’d known about”
ODSC 2016
“Statistically solving sneezes and sniffles”
PyConUK 2017
“Machine learning libraries you’d wish you’d known about”
PyDataLondon 2017
“Machine learning with ventilator data to improve reporting on critically ill newborn infants”
PyDataLondon 2018
"Creating Correct and Capable Classifiers"
PyDataAmsterdam 2018
"Creating Correct and Capable Classifiers" as a selected speaker
PyConUK 2018
"On the Diagramatic Diagnosis of Data"
BudapestBI 2018
"On the Diagramatic Diagnosis of Data"
PyDataCambridge 2019
"Higher Performance Python"
ODSC 2019
"Higher Performance Python"
Remote Pizza Python 2020
"Flying Panda"
PyDataAmsterdam 2020
"Making Pandas Fly"
EuroPython 2020
"Making Pandas Fly"
PyDataGlobal 2020
"Skinny Pandas Riding on a Rocket"
In 2016 Ian and Emlyn Clay were interview by Podcast. __init__ to discuss the state of the PyData ecosystem in the UK.
Get in contact with Ian
If you’d like to discuss how Ian can help your team, get in contact by emailing Ian[at]MorConsulting.com