“Making Pandas Fly” for PyDataAmsterdam 2020

I thank the PyDataAmsterdam 2020 organisers for another chance to speak on Making Pandas Fly (PyDataAmsterdam 2020). This variant of the talk focuses more on:

  • Understanding when categories beat strings and smaller floats beat larger ones
  • What’s happening with NumPy behind the scenes
  • How we can save 50% of our RAM (and so fit in more data to the same machine) by checking dtypes with my dtype_diet tool
  • Considering that float16 is simulated on modern hardware and so is memory efficient but slow for calculating!
  • Tips to install bottleneck & numexpr to make Pandas faster
  • Digging into some Pandas internals when I filed a bug – and what I learned as a result (you can learn too by reading the bug report!)

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At the end of my talks I always ask for a postcard “if you learned something”, I’ve just received the first for last week’s talk from the Netherlands – thanks!

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