Ian offers an “Automatic Company Name Matching Service” that joins your company records with external company data on Companies House and with international equivalents. Typically this is needed if you lack Company Registration Numbers and your company name data doesn’t match the records on Companies House.

Automatic Company Name Matching Service

The product is significantly faster than a human team with matching records and can be trained to understand the nuances of your data. It is useful when you have over 10,000 company names that would be valuable if they were matched to external data sources.
The technology behind this process can also be used to match similar datasets such as customer names or product names when a join key isn’t available.

Data Product Diagnostic and Roadmap Planning

Ian can work with your team to review current or planned data products, reviewing the underlying data and advising on ways to increase your chances of delivering a successful data product.

Specific challenges you need to tackle might include:
  • Checking for sufficient derisking of the existing data sources and their quality and quantity
  • Identifying if the proposed plan will deliver the desired outcomes
  • Identifying alternative approaches including the development of baseline methods to use when measure progression
  • Reviewing internal processes around Exploratory Work, Prototyping, Beta Releases, Testing, Delivery and Model Support
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