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ShowMeDo – new videos, ffmpeg, Google Group

I made two posts a little while back on the ShowMeDo blog about compiling ffmpeg on RedHat and compiling LAME on RedHat. We use these to auto-process new ShowMeDo videos, another step in taking Kyran and myself out of the loop. It is always nice to realise that a bottleneck is ‘you’ and ‘you’ can […]

3rd £5 App – Dan Glegg and The Pitches

John and I held another great £5 App meet last night (previous event). Even though we had to limit numbers on Upcoming we still had our regular 20-or-so turn-out. John made more Ginger Cake and I bought some better beer for this event. First half – the talk: Dan Glegg (angryamoeba) gave another great talk […]

Thunderbird videos on ShowMeDo

Lucas and Marius – two of our ShowMeDo authors – have created a great 3-part video introduction to Mozilla Thunderbird entitled: ‘Being Productive with Mozilla Thunderbird‘. I’m always impressed by the quality of the tutorial videos that our users submit – these three Thunderbird videos deserve the attention of…and that gives me an idea.

£5 App – Great Inaugral night :-)

Great stuff! Our first £5 App night ran smoothly, we had 22 people listening to our two £5 App talks. We’ve been planning this for exactly a month now and it was great to see it run so well. It seems that the free beer was a hit and the building itself lent itself beautifully […]

My first paid-for ShowMeDo series – woot!

Earlier in the week I launched Python Newbies on XP – my first paid-for series at ShowMeDo. The two-hours of material will get a new coder comfortably writing Python code using a choice of IDE. I’m rather happy to have distilled so much knowledge into 9 short videos and making the 3 exercises was rather […]

8th Sussex Geek Dinner

Last night I attended the 8th Sussex Geek Dinner (organised by Simon Harriyott) where Mikel Maron gave a great talk about his involvement with the OpenStreetMap project (they plan to finish mapping Brighton by Spring, and the entire Isle of Wight was completed last year). The talk was great, beer was drunk and I had […]

Spam giving rise to new-breed A.I.?

It is Christmas and I exercise my right to wave my hands in the air, tell a story and make a bold prediction. You may exercise your right to comment and tell me just what you think of my idea. During this year, especially whilst growing ShowMeDo, we’ve had to contend with a rise in […]

Forty-thousand ShowMeDos served

Crikey, we’re rocketing forward, we passed forty-thousand downloads last week with the addition of David Rawlinson’s three Car Maintenance videos. Now we’re up to 53 videos from 14 contributors, with 34 requests receiving votes for future videos. Not bad for evenings and weekends! I hope to start posting more tidbits on how to make screencasts […]

36,806 ShowMeDo Downloads

Well, that’ll be another milestone met for sure. 36,806 ShowMeDo videos downloaded since we started recording on January 1st with 2,669 of those in just the previous week. It is very good to see Kyran’s wxPython ‘hello world‘ introduction in the list, as it hasn’t yet been added to the main wxPython site – but […]

Cool new ShowMeDo – Make your own BushFinger art

My good friend and local artist Shardcore has made us a ShowMeDo on how to make your own BushFinger art-piece. His 10 minute video is superb and his site has all the necessary back-ground material (details here).