ShowMeDo – new videos, ffmpeg, Google Group

I made two posts a little while back on the ShowMeDo blog about compiling ffmpeg on RedHat and compiling LAME on RedHat.

We use these to auto-process new ShowMeDo videos, another step in taking Kyran and myself out of the loop. It is always nice to realise that a bottleneck is ‘you’ and ‘you’ can be removed from the loop. Obviously we still check each video before publishing – it is so much nicer now that the manual processing occurs in the background.

Recently we had some interesting videos – there’s a Django wiki tutorial by Siddhi, videos on learning the IPython shell and GUI building with PythonCard.

We have also deprecated our forum and replaced it with the Google ShowMeDo Group which is now host to several very useful conversations. Our main authors hang-out here, do drop by if you have questions.

Finally – I’m working with Jeff Rush of the PSF to add ShowMeDo videos to the website in a new ‘5 minutes with Python‘ [] series. We have 4 videos so far, you can see 3 at and all 4 on our 5 Minutes with Python page [].