Facebook – resigned – woot!

Thank-goodness. I feel lighter and my world seems brighter. I have quit Facebook.

First I had to turn off all the damned annoying notification emails. Did I want to be Poked, Pro-poked, zombied and pirated? No, of course not. Nor did I want the endless Questions and Group Invites.

And what’s with people Friending you who have never met you? Now I have confirmed that everyone I know in Real Life is also in Facebook and…what’s the point any more?

Now they can track my dead profile, good luck to ’em. The downside? They know the email addresses of all my on-line friends (which is to say – most of them), how often I talk to them, how active we are, what topics my friends like, photos of us with accompanying meta-data and the tone of how we speak to each other (from in-site emails). Aside from that little privacy nightmare, I guess nothing’s wrong. Ho hum.


  • Good for you. I'm really starting to go off it too. Once I work out a good alternative, I'm ready to bail.
  • Yeah the application invites are starting to irk me quite a bit...
  • Just me
    How did u do it? I mean Ive been trying to find how to resign and can find an answer. Im getting hopeless with trying to find the answer. How does on resign faceboook? What buttons did u push?
  • I don't actually remember how I did it, it was a while ago now... There was a button which let me resign (somewhere in preferences?). After writing this post I also wrote to privacy@facebook.com and asked them to delete all traces of my stored profile, just to be sure. Ian.
  • patricia
    i am no longer want to be registerd to facebook.