5 Pound App Write-up, Tom Hume’s Future Platforms

[EditJane has posted pictures – thank you!]

We had our 5th Five Pound App meeting last night and Tom Hume spoke about the formation and growth of Future Platforms over the last 7 years.

Tom is a great speaker and he gave a nice and light-hearted look at some of their past apps including the quasi-scientific Ghost Detector mobile app. Tom also mentioned that he’s recruiting mobile developers. Thanks also to Andy Budd for saving the day with his Mac, Tom’s developed a rather odd blue-pigment-only screen weirdy.

Tom has a brief write-up and here’s a link to his slides.

I’m very pleased to say that we have a new sponsor – Alan Newman of Sensible Development (who spoke here before on effeffelle) sponsored our drinks for the night. Alan is also hiring Java Developers.

After the talk we had some announces and a Pitch. Stuart Conway wants a mash-up of Google Maps and elevation information so you can see some gradient info on routes.

For the announces I suggested that later in the year, around the time of the Digital Festival, we could have a larger £5 App-like hack/start-up day. Most of our 30ish crowd like the idea which is a great start.

Danny plans to run a week-long set of SkillSwap evenings and Raj talked about a widget creation day for the Brighton and Hove web awards (last year’s site).

Jobs – as mentioned already Alan is hiring Java developers for Sensible Development, Jane says that Madgex is recruiting and Tom Hume is after a Technical Project Mgr, Senior Designer and Software Developers.

Next event? Tuesday 11th September will be the date for our 6th Five Pound App meet, fingers-crossed we’ll have a talk from Martin on his successful ShareWare projects for Macs.

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  • Photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/janed/sets/72157601457317244/ should you be interested :-)