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Learning Python via ShowMeDo

Every now and again it is useful to look back at what’s been achieved – ShowMeDo started three years ago and we considered ourselves lucky if 1 Python video was contributed a month.  Now we get several whole series each month!  Often each series is information-laden and created by a competent screencaster.  Viewers learn very […]

Experimenting with eLance

I’ve posted a job into eLance for the first time – I figure it is time to experiment with remote web design and CSS implementation.  Now this might seem odd given that I live in web-designer-rich Brighton… I’m a believer in building on-line marketplaces where we can remotely trade our skills rather than only doing […]

TurboGears caching decorator released (thanks John!)

John has just published his TurboGears Caching Decorator.  We’ve been using it on ShowMeDo for the last 6 weeks – our cpu usage dropped from 60%+ on our shared box down to <30%. Currently we cache the main pages for 1 hour, these ought to be extended to ‘forever’ since I have a good cache-expire […]

Teaching Python at ShowMeDo

Two months ago we started our ShowMeDo Club where paying subscribers get access to specially crafted Python tutorials. These series are generally much longer and more involved than most of the free videos on ShowMeDo, they tend to include exercises with worked solutions too. We’ve had a very good response and everyone who has bought […]

First Brighton Python Meet – Weds 20th

John and I are holding our first Brighton Python meet this Wednesday 20th at The Hampton Arms. Paul Silver’s The Farm is running on the same night – we’ll be sitting on a nearby table. We’ll have a copy of Learning Python on the table, I’ll have my laptop with ShowMeDo‘s TurboGears code and John […]

Learn Python – ShowMeDo Subscriptions

I’m rather proud to say that we released our Subscription package for new Python programmers last Saturday. We aim to be the on-line ‘Python school’ that so many beginners are looking for. Python is a great language for beginners, has many learn-Python books and a strong Python Tutor mail list. One area that it lacks […]

Installing IE6 on Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)

I wanted to test ShowMeDo‘s rendering on IE6. My Windows XP box uses IE7 and I figured my Ubuntu box could run IE6 via Wine…it turns out to be just a simple install step. I was up and running within 5 minutes. First – install wine. Second, get the ies4linux installer and run it using […]

Subscription sites –

I’m doing research on community-sites that have a paying subscription element as a part of our re-think for ShowMeDo. I found some nice data on ScreenCastsOnline and I figured I’d share it. Don McAllister (UK) is the voice behind ScreenCastsOnline – he provides weekly screencasts to teach viewers about Mac software and web sites. Don […]

Which sites do you subscribe (£/$) to?

We’re planning a move to a paid-subscription model inside ShowMeDo – we’d like to keep all the content freely available and start adding pro-features that enhance a user’s learning experience. Having never promoted a subscription model before I’m looking for feedback… Here’s the question – which services do you pay to subscribe to on a […]