£5 App Xmas Special – Tues Dec 4th @ Quadrant (1 week early & different venue!)

Dear all, this is a quick pre-announce that the fandabbydosious Xmas Special for the £5 App will be on Tuesday 4th December (about 3 weeks time) at The Quadrant pub in the centre of town.

John has arranged private use of the newly refurbished upstairs room for us. I’ll also arrange some sponsored (free!) beer and the pub has agreed to do us a bit of a deal on beer for later. This xmas special will be popular so mark yourself as Attending (we do have limited nbrs).

Resident Artist Shardcore will be speaking on ‘The £50 Million App’ or ‘how he and Martin blew tons of cash during the dot-com boom on various start-ups including beenz.com. Martin is a past co-worker of shardcore, he also spoke on ‘The $30 Apps – life as a Mac Indie‘ a few months back.

Note that ShardCore’s art (a regular feature of our talks) is available for public view at the Tin Drum (Kemptown).

Quick plug – I’ll be speaking on Tues Nov 20th during Danny’s week of skillswaps on how to Master the Art of Screencasting – attend to learn why you should screencast, how you can do it in 5 minutes without installing any software and where you can host the videos for free afterwards.


  • This looks like it will be a really great event. I'm really disappointed that I can't come along, sadly I am in Wolverhampton until 5pm that day and have to be back at 09:30am the day after, so it's not really feasible :( Is there any chance of videoing it? I know I won't exactly get the full £5 app experience, but it would make me feel less sore... ;)
  • Sorry Jonathan, no plans to video it...the beer and high-spirits will get in the way! It is a real shame you can't make it - surely the client would understand the importance of you attending this meeting ? Ian.