Learn Python – ShowMeDo Subscriptions

I’m rather proud to say that we released our Subscription package for new Python programmers last Saturday. We aim to be the on-line ‘Python school’ that so many beginners are looking for.

Python is a great language for beginners, has many learn-Python books and a strong Python Tutor mail list. One area that it lacks is in making it really easy for a non-Python programmer to get up to speed on the language easily and confidently.

Our target audience is ‘new Python programmers’ – at first those who have some prior programming experience (so they know about e.g. ‘if’, functions and variables) who want to learn how to write ‘good Python code’. Next we’ll probably target those who know less about programming.

I’ve already covered some of the basics like file reading/writing, csv data files, unit-testing, refactoring and common IDEs in my previous series. In my new series I’m looking at wxPython GUIs and later we’ll look at web-applications with Django and CGI.

This marks a turning point for us – now we know where we’re focusing and what we have to deliver (previously we had too many ideas and not enough focus).

Next I have to create several solid new series over the next 2 months and figure out how to market to the right users. It feels like this is a constant quest for skills-acquisition!

I’m very pleased to say that John Montgomery is joining us as our 3rd Python author – he has a great background in Python, Java, programming for the web and all sorts of geek topics.  His videos will make a great addition to ShowMeDo.

Onwards and upwards for 2008 🙂