Installing IE6 on Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)

I wanted to test ShowMeDo‘s rendering on IE6. My Windows XP box uses IE7 and I figured my Ubuntu box could run IE6 via Wine…it turns out to be just a simple install step. I was up and running within 5 minutes.

First – install wine. Second, get the ies4linux installer and run it using their last instructions (their step 4):

tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd ies4linux-*

I had to run ./ies4linux three times to complete the installation, I chose IE6 with Flash.  The installer visits to fetch the right versions of everything. It was installed (after the 3rd attempt) as an icon on my desktop and available via the command line: /home/ian/bin/ie6

I then used IE6 to visit and it identified two updates, both ‘complete’ but upon returning to WindowsUpdate it flags one of them as still being required.  My version of IE6 running on Ubuntu 7.10 is ‘Version: 6.0.2800.1106’.

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  • Deacon X
    I did the install from the above site and the program im trying to install is still telling me that i need to install IE 5.01 or later. At this point if i had hair i;d pull it out. Any help will help.
  • Hi Deacon X, sorry - I don't know much about Wine except my instructions above. It worked fine for me, though I didn't try IE 5.01, just IE 6.
  • pure instructions: sudo apt-get install cabextract && wget -c && tar -zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz cd ies4linux-* [this was ies4linux- this version] ./ies4linux installer spits this out: IEs4Linux will: - Install Internet Explorers: 6.0 - Using IE locale: EN-US - Install Adobe Flash 9.0 - Install everything at: /home/nekostar/.ies4linux [ OK ] Downloading everything we need Downloading from 100% DCOM98.EXE 100% 100% 249973USA8.exe 100% ADVAUTH.CAB 100% CRLUPD.CAB 100% HHUPD.CAB 100% IEDOM.CAB 100% IE_EXTRA.CAB 100% IE_S1.CAB 100% IE_S2.CAB 100% IE_S5.CAB 100% IE_S4.CAB 100% IE_S3.CAB 100% IE_S6.CAB 100% SETUPW95.CAB 100% FONTCORE.CAB 100% FONTSUP.CAB 100% VGX.CAB 100% SCR56EN.CAB Downloading from 100% [ OK ] Installing IE 6 Initializing Creating Wine Prefix Extracting CAB files Installing IE 6 Installing DCOM98 Installing TTF Fonts Installing ActiveX MFC42 Installing RICHED20 Installing registry Finalizing [ OK ] Installing Flash Player 9 Extracting files Installing flash on ie6 Finalizing [ OK ] IEs4Linux installations finished! To run your IEs, type: /home/yourusername/bin/ie6 takes you to : at least the first time - testing in youtube did not work, i had to click on the link to grab flash - but it installed perfectly, and works decently.
  • Shrinath
    Thanks a ton! Earlier I had to boot atleast once into windows each day (dual boot Vista + Intrepid) to test my portal on IE, now I'm spared the agony :)
  • Ankit
    Thanks a lot Neko..!!!