FivePoundApp *Day* during Digital Festival

Our Five Pound App Day [Upcoming] is listed on the Digital Festival site now, running on Saturday 10th November from 10am-6pm. Please sign-up on Upcoming so we can plan our numbers.

The theme is ‘moving start-ups a step forward’, we’ll have four sessions during the day on:

  1. The Perils of Bootstrapping (by me + other founders)
  2. Developing your £5 app (John Montgomery and others)
  3. Paul Silver discussing SEO
  4. A guide to successful Copy-writing (Ellen)

Each session lasts about 1.5 hours, there will be a short talk followed by an interactive session. Preferably several people will have flagged the issues they’d like to discuss, e.g. someone’s site copy-writing which needs improving or they’d like to learn about improving their search ranking results.

The first talk will focus on the ups and downs of boot-strapping (drawing on examples from ShowMeDo and others) with thoughts on why it may (or may not) be for you.

John will lead the second talking about the how of developing an application – looking at various technology areas and pointing out things which will save a new boot-strapped effort a lot of wasted time.

The third and fourth talks will focus on existing websites and how+why they can be improved.

We’ll be looking for volunteers to put up their site/business for use in the discussions, along (obviously) with questions during the sessions.

The day will be ad-hoc (i.e. you can come and go), you’ll need to provide your own drinks+food. We will provide office-space for the talks and work and wi-fi.

The event is kindly sponsored by Alan Newman, founder of Sensible Development.