Facelift for our ShowMeDo Services

I’m very pleased to say that our ShowMeDo Services (see my Professional Screencasting site ProCasts instead) site has had an overhaul by a professional designer. Kyran did a great job implementing the new design and we have more tweaks to come.

On the site we give three case studies – a user education screencast that Kwiqq produced and two real world videos – one for PasPic on making their site easier to use, the other for a great bit of industrial kit with Apex Auctions.

What are we missing on the site? I’m told that I need to include some pricing information and I want to expand our list of services. Are we missing other elements?

One of our newer clients – yoolaa – have started with a first video on ‘More Moolaa with Yoolaa‘ for cash-collection. It is always great to see the different ways in which clients want to use our custom-screencasting service.

New features to come – statistics to track ‘video starts to play’ and ‘video reaches end’ events for feedback and a lead-generator form that follows a video so you can get involved with an interested viewer rather than lose them.

NOTE – as of July 2008 I provide professional screencasting services via my ProCasts separately to ShowMeDo.  I’m still connected with ShowMeDo, it makes more sense to develop my personal screencasting persona as a new identity:

procasts professional screencast


  • Great job, the site looks quite nice.
  • Brian Combe
    Looks much better now. It still has that fun, do anything, feel appeal but now it's more pleasing on the eye and easier to get around. Great stuff.