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Where to Post a Tech-Job Advert in Brighton

Recently I’ve been asked to help find a few candidates for some jobs – it seems that the ‘job ad’ solutions in Brighton aren’t all that well known outside of their immediate circles. I figured I’d summarise some of the options, please comment if you’ve something to add. Newspapers: The Argus: I hate to say […]

Facelift for our ShowMeDo Services

I’m very pleased to say that our ShowMeDo Services (see my Professional Screencasting site ProCasts instead) site has had an overhaul by a professional designer. Kyran did a great job implementing the new design and we have more tweaks to come. On the site we give three case studies – a user education screencast that […]

FivePoundApp *Day* during Digital Festival

Our Five Pound App Day [Upcoming] is listed on the Digital Festival site now, running on Saturday 10th November from 10am-6pm. Please sign-up on Upcoming so we can plan our numbers. The theme is ‘moving start-ups a step forward’, we’ll have four sessions during the day on: The Perils of Bootstrapping (by me + other […]

Next £5 App Meet – Building Communities by Jeremy Keith (ClearLeft)

ClearLeft’s Jeremy Keith will be talking on how he built a large web community at next Tuesday’s £5 App. Sign-up on Upcoming please so I know numbers, or Unattend if you can’t make it (so I buy the right amount of beer). The Session ( is a community website dedicated to Irish traditional music that’s […]

“Set your own price” for goods?

[Update – added micropatron report near the end] RadioHead have taken a bold move with their latest album “In Rainbows” as they allow fans to set their own pricing for the digital download (summary, long write-up with pictures of the process). Except for a fixed credit-card overhead (around 45p) it seems that you can […]

Artificial Intelligence problems in Industry (things I’ve worked on)

A few days back Mihai commented an interest in the Artificial Intelligence work that I’ve undertaken in the past. I figure that a short run-down of the kinds of problems I’ve tackled might be interesting. Since 2004 I have run my own A.I. research consultancy – I’m blogging about the experience of becoming a freelance […]

Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 3)

Most people are helpful and supportive of freelancers. They know that freelancers survive by being good, trustworthy and helpful and so they try to help. Do remember to tell people that you are freelancing, what you do and what you’re looking for. Don’t bore them, just let them know what you need and they’re bound […]

Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 2)

Turning yourself into a freelancer is easy – you probably want a Ltd. company (see Part 1) and you need to know what you are offering, where you are offering it (probably local places that you can travel to) and who you are offering it to. Articles: Introduction, Successful Freelancing, Talking to People, Making a […]

Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 1)

Three years ago I dropped out of being a paid-employee and switched to being a consultant. I’ve had a number of people ask about my experiences as they’re interested in following a similar route. I’m going to write a short set of posts on the subject and I welcome questions. Articles: Introduction, Successful Freelancing, Talking […]

£5 App – Great Inaugral night :-)

Great stuff! Our first £5 App night ran smoothly, we had 22 people listening to our two £5 App talks. We’ve been planning this for exactly a month now and it was great to see it run so well. It seems that the free beer was a hit and the building itself lent itself beautifully […]