Next £5 App Meet – Building Communities by Jeremy Keith (ClearLeft)

ClearLeft’s Jeremy Keith will be talking on how he built a large web community at next Tuesday’s £5 App. Sign-up on Upcoming please so I know numbers, or Unattend if you can’t make it (so I buy the right amount of beer).

The Session ( is a community website
dedicated to Irish traditional music that’s been running for about 8
years now. You’ll get a peek behind the curtain at the technology
running the site but the really interesting aspect is seeing how the
community has grown over the years and how that affects the structure
of the site.

Last month’s event was by Martin talking on his experiences as a Mac Indie Shareware Developer and Martin is likely to be involved with our resident artist ShardCore (now exhibiting at the Tin Drum Kemptown) for our Christmas Special – tentatively titled ‘The $50 Million Apps’.

Write-ups of all the previous meets are linked on my blog and via the official £5 App Site alongside the official (and low frequency) £5 App Blog.

Note also that we have a £5 App Day coming during November (replacing the £5 App Meet just for November) where we want to help a whole heap of companies take a step forwards. Expect sessions, panels and talks. Tentative details at Upcoming, Sunday Nov 10th.