Writing a High Performance Python book

I’m terribly excited to announce that I’m co-authoring an O’Reilly book on High Performance Python, to be published next year. My co-author is the talented Micha Gorelick (github @mynameisfiber) of bit.ly, he’s already written a few chapters, I’ll be merging an updated version of my older eBook and adding content based on past tutorials (PyCon 2013, PyCon 2012, EuroSciPy 2012, EuroPython 2011), along with a big pile of new content from us both.

I setup a mailing list a year back with a plan to write such a book, I’ll be sending list members a survey tomorrow to validate the topics we plan to cover (and to spot the things we missed!). Please join the list (no spam, just Python HPC stuff occasionally) to participate. We’ll be sending out subsequent surveys and requests for feedback as we go.

Our snake is a Fer-de-Lance (which even has its own unofficial flag) and which also happens to be a ship from the classic spacefaring game Elite.

We plan to develop the book in a collaborative way based on some lessons I learned last time.

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  • Following up having met and talked at PyConUK 2013. Thanks.