Archive of month: November 2007

£5 App is “Rock n’ Roll”

Hot damn – we’ve just been reviewed by ex-pat Automatic Romantic and our £5 App meets get a stunning write-up: “Then again, I look at their Flickr stream and the general feeling of lash-up : Projecting onto a whiteboard in a room that looks like it’s either in the throes of serious refurbishment or spiraling […]

£5 app day writeup

Saturday’s £5 App Day went very well – during the day we had over 30 people attending the various talks (a similar turn-out to our regular £5 App evening meetings but without the free beer!).Most attendees were programmers and freelancers, some were ‘business types’ – most from Brighton but a few from out as far […]

Week of SkillSwaps (including me on screencasting)

Danny has organised a whole week of SkillSwaps (overview on Upcoming) for the week commencing Nov 19th. The events are: Photography 101 (Jane Dallaway) Master Screencasting (me) Agile: Iterating the Reasons (Joh Hunt & Tom Hume) The Art of Storytelling (Charlie Davies) 10 reasons why you shouldn’t test your software (Rosie Sherry) For my Master […]

£5 App Day *Tomorrow* on Sat 10th

We host our first-ever day-long £5 App event tomorrow (full itinerary). We have 25 confirmed on Upcoming, another 10 by email with people travelling in from as far afield as Birmingham and London. Hopefully there will be students from Sussex Uni and maybe random people from the 10,000 brochures that Wired Sussex have distributed. It’ll […]

Improvements to ShowMeDo

Kyran has completed some fantastic new work on our ShowMeDo: New frontpage (a few weeks back) resulting in a 10% decrease in bounces from the frontpage New portals for Python, Ruby and other categories Site-wide unification of font choices Cleaner interface for the header and sidebars I’ve also worked on smaller changes: Speed-ups throughout the […]

ShowMeDo Services – now with prices!

Phew, it has been a long time coming. Our Professional Screencast Production Service service now has a price page which details the cost of our plans. The plans cover ‘basic hosting’ for a trial service (allowing up to 1,000 plays per month) along with a Silver (£100 p/m) and Gold Plan (£500 p/m) which carry […]

5 Pound App *Day* on Saturday 10th 10am-6pm

For the Digital Festival we’re having a whole day (sign up-> of £5 App Goodness aimed at moving your project forward: When: Saturday 10th November, 10am-6pm Where: North Laines, see Upcoming Cost: Free Food/Drink: You supply your own, shops nearby Wifi? Yes, laptops welcome Sponsor: Alan Newman of SensibleDevelopment (plug: talk to Alan for bespoke […]