Archive of month: October 2007

Thursday Night – ShardCore Private View @ Tin Drum (Kemptown)

ShardCore (resident artist for the £5 App meetings) is showing a large selection of his geek art at the Tin Drum in Kemptown this Thursday evening (6-8pm, 1st Nov 2007). This is his first ‘private view’ and, given how much work he has on show, it’ll be a good ‘un. Come along! Pop in for […]

ShardCore’s Art on Brighton Radio

Woot – ShardCore‘s geek art is being discussed on the local Radio Reverb sometime in the next hour. You can listen live, Neil’s work appears at times at the £5 App (pics) and is currently hosted in The Tin Drum in Kemptown. Update – mp3 now available from ShardCore’s blog. It is amusing, he really […]

Where to Post a Tech-Job Advert in Brighton

Recently I’ve been asked to help find a few candidates for some jobs – it seems that the ‘job ad’ solutions in Brighton aren’t all that well known outside of their immediate circles. I figured I’d summarise some of the options, please comment if you’ve something to add. Newspapers: The Argus: I hate to say […]

Facelift for our ShowMeDo Services

I’m very pleased to say that our ShowMeDo Services (see my Professional Screencasting site ProCasts instead) site has had an overhaul by a professional designer. Kyran did a great job implementing the new design and we have more tweaks to come. On the site we give three case studies – a user education screencast that […]

FivePoundApp *Day* during Digital Festival

Our Five Pound App Day [Upcoming] is listed on the Digital Festival site now, running on Saturday 10th November from 10am-6pm. Please sign-up on Upcoming so we can plan our numbers. The theme is ‘moving start-ups a step forward’, we’ll have four sessions during the day on: The Perils of Bootstrapping (by me + other […]

London Python Meetups – active again

I’m pleased to see that the London Python meetups are running again. I’m also annoyed that I didn’t realise that one was running last night, but ho hum! There’s a write-up by Fuzzyman (Mr. voidspace) and Tim Golden and it sounds like the free beer, pizza and great talks went down a storm. Next time […]

Next £5 App Meet – Building Communities by Jeremy Keith (ClearLeft)

ClearLeft’s Jeremy Keith will be talking on how he built a large web community at next Tuesday’s £5 App. Sign-up on Upcoming please so I know numbers, or Unattend if you can’t make it (so I buy the right amount of beer). The Session ( is a community website dedicated to Irish traditional music that’s […]

“Set your own price” for goods?

[Update – added micropatron report near the end] RadioHead have taken a bold move with their latest album “In Rainbows” as they allow fans to set their own pricing for the digital download (summary, long write-up with pictures of the process). Except for a fixed credit-card overhead (around 45p) it seems that you can […]

Artificial Intelligence problems in Industry (things I’ve worked on)

A few days back Mihai commented an interest in the Artificial Intelligence work that I’ve undertaken in the past. I figure that a short run-down of the kinds of problems I’ve tackled might be interesting. Since 2004 I have run my own A.I. research consultancy – I’m blogging about the experience of becoming a freelance […]