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ProCasts gets screencast award

I’m rather chuffed to say that our ProCasts has just received an award from TechSmith for our Adblock Plus open-source advocacy screencast.  I’ve blogged a few more details at ProCasts, our video is played 600 times a day and has already won popularity awards in YouTube. “I liked this screencast for several reasons. Ian made […]

“The Art and Science of Screencasts” podcast

Bob and Pat, long-time supporters of Joel’s Business of Software forums, were kind enough to interview me last week on the art and science of creating screencasts that sell your software. The podcast (mp3) is 42 minutes long, they question me to help MicroISVs and tech companies learn more about using screencasts to demo and […]

Screencasting tutorials

Over on the ProCasts blog we’re building up a screencast tutorial series, planned to be 9 episodes long, that will teach anyone how to make a beautiful screencast that helps them explain their product to their new users. By explaining your product you’re more likely to convince first-timer visitors to stick around and try out […]

ProCasts’ third open-src advocacy video – AdBlockPlus

I’m rather chuffed to say that Wladimir Palant, the chap behind the excellent ad-filter for Firefox, has added our advocacy video to his frontpage – it shows you in just over a minute how and why to install AdBlockPlus.  As Wladimir says: Ian and Richard […] offered me to create a screencast for Adblock […]

Some ProCasts bits

Given that 2008 ended well I’m going to give in to a bit of self-indulgence.  The best ending for my ProCasts was helping Justin in the days running up to Christmas increase his sign-up rate for with a 3 minute front-page screencast.  Being told “My bounce rate has decreased about 7 percent per day. […]

CNET shows my BrandWatch ProCast

I’m rather proud to say that CNET covered my client BrandWatch and that my 3 minute screencast which introduces BrandWatch’s features is embedded in the article. The article’s author, Josh, saw my ProCast whilst searching Vimeo for ‘screencasts’.  BrandWatch received a great set of referrals from the article and Giles (CEO) is very pleased with […]

New ProCast for local BrandWatch

Last week I completed a new ProCasts screencast for local Brand Reputation Management firm BrandWatch, the video is linked on the right of their frontpage (and on my examples page). The screencast runs for 2 minutes and demos the main features of their app including Trends, Comparisons and how to drill-down into the source stories. […]

ProCasts Interview, New Testimonial

Jolt Magazine were kind enough to interview me about how ProCasts makes professional screencasts, the resulting article has just been published as Screencasting: An Expert Reveals the Dark Art. “While researching one of these articles I did an interview with professional screencaster, Ian Ozsvald. It was so good that I just couldn’t bring myself to […]

Django in Under a Minute Screencast

I’ve spent the last two days creating this 57 second intro to the Django web-app framework, after three years of development they’ve released the shiny, new and supported v1 version. The screencast covers how to get started, example sites, documentation and where to get it – everything a new user needs to get up and […]

IE8 vs Firefox 3 Screencast

Last week I recorded a new screencast demonstrating Internet Explorer 8 (beta 1) vs Firefox 3.0.1.  The demo highlights some of the shortcomings of IE8 beta1 and generally works to show the viewer why Firefox is the better choice. Annoyingly this week Microsoft released beta2 which fixes several of the short-comings and rather dates my […]