ProCasts Interview, New Testimonial

Jolt Magazine were kind enough to interview me about how ProCasts makes professional screencasts, the resulting article has just been published as Screencasting: An Expert Reveals the Dark Art.

“While researching one of these articles I did an interview with professional screencaster, Ian Ozsvald. It was so good that I just couldn’t bring myself to chop it up into sound-bites. So I’m damning the torpedoes and posting the interview in its entirety”

Update – Starr Horne has added another entry to his screencasting series on Jolt, I get quoted there too.

I’m also very pleased to say that Jon Markwell’s HowSociable webapp now has increased sign-ups and fewer support emails as a result of my 3 minute ‘Introduction to HowSociable’ screencast (on HowSociable’s front page):

“Adding a ProCasts screencast to our front page increased activated email conversions by 25% and reduced support requests by half”, Jonathan Markwell – Founder

As a scientist it is so darn nice to have real figures to work by!  Hand-wavey arguments are all well and good but nothing beats a solid increase in conversions to let you know you’ve done the right job.

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