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Girl Geeks, Flash Big Screen, £5 App Xmas Special

Here are three local events that I’m rather looking forward to: Girl Geeks on Tues Dec 2nd with Emily on Building Robots.  Emily will walk you through a history of robotics, show neat demos and then show real live hand-built robots (4 of ’em) Doing Stuff including, just possibly, sumo wrestling.  Someone remind Emily to […]

£5 App Xmas Games Special

We’re plotting our 14th £5 App meet.  This, our second Christmas Special, will have a gamesy happy crimbo feel. Date: Wednesday 10th December, sign-up on Upcoming please.  Location TBC. Our very own Aleks Krotoski will lead the evening with the launch of the Guardian’s new on-line text adventure SpaceShip! We’ll probably run the second half […]

Next £5 App meet, Brighton, Thurs 18th Sept

Our next £5 App meet is coming up on Thursday 18th Sept (not Tues!), this time we have 20 minute presentations for: Chumby+Python hacking by John ‘Groundbreaking movie production’ with ASwarmOfAngels by Matt Arduino for physics display hacking by Seb Locomatrix GPS Gaming by Richard “How not to launch a web app” by Dan on […]

£5 App Write-up (6 demos at our Demo Camp)

What a fab night!  I counted 46 people which makes this possibly the largest event we’ve thrown – thanks to all for attending.  Sponsored beer, live Qik video, 6 great talks and lively post-event pub conversation – who could ask for a better evening?  Josh made this rather excellent panoramic view of us all: Each […]

Python Demos in Brighton @ £5 App Demo Camp

On the evening of Tuesday July 8th (upcoming) we’re having a Demo Camp in Brighton as the new format for our regular £5 App hack/story evenings.  Everyone is welcome, we normally have 20-40 people, London Python folk are especially welcome. The current 6 talks (2 for Python – woot!) are: ‘Google Maps + GPS + […]

£5 App Demo Day on 8th July (1 demo-spot left)

We’re trying a new format for the next £5 App event, it’ll be an evening Demo Camp ( where 6 people get to demo something cool or start-upy. We’re looking for an even split between neat-geek and new-startup (preferably bootstrapped or angeled startups, no shiny-suits for sure). Mark you attendance in Upcoming as usual (and […]

£5 App a la Ribot (Qik live video blogging)

OMG. I remember Ribot sitting there with his Nokia doing some live video stuff at our last £5 App by Madgex co-founder Glenn but I didn’t really pay it much heed…until now when I’ve found the videos. One the one hand – very cool, on the other – my privacy gene is doing somersaults. ‘Glenn […]

Last £5 App in our ‘year of stories’

Next week’s £5 App event is on April 8th at 13 Brunswick Square – this event marks the end of a ‘year of stories’ and from here we move to a workshop-style set of sessions. First we showed that you can build a business or project without funding during our 11 great talks over the […]

Rupert and Eurogamer at the £5 App

Earlier in the week we had a great talk from Rupert about how he and his brother built the ‘overnight success’ Eurogamer in ‘just 10 years’ 🙂 I’ve written the event up at Rosie’s ProjectBrighton. If you’re interested in presenting an idea, work-in-progress or fully-fledged story at a future event then please just get in […]

£5 App & My first ProjectBrighton post

2008’s first £5 App will be held on 12th February with Rupert Loman (founder of EuroGamer) talking on how he built the company from humble beginnings. As usual please sign-up on Upcoming so we know how much beer to buy and cake to bake. I’m also happy to say I’ve written my first article on […]