£5 App Write-up (6 demos at our Demo Camp)

What a fab night!  I counted 46 people which makes this possibly the largest event we’ve thrown – thanks to all for attending.  Sponsored beer, live Qik video, 6 great talks and lively post-event pub conversation – who could ask for a better evening?  Josh made this rather excellent panoramic view of us all:

£5 App evening in full swing

Each of the 6 talks lasted 15 minutes and covered a wide range of geek and tech-business topics:

Ribot both sponsored the event (great beer – thanks!) and made live Qik video streams for the evening.  I believe these segments are correct:

  1. Video 1 – quick intro from John and myself
  2. Video 2 – Tristan’s Python Series 60 demo starts
  3. Video 3 – Tristan concludes, full talk for Simon and Matt (followed by break)
  4. Video 4 – Second half – Premasagar, Dave, Jon+Kev

The Ribots also sponsored the beer, they skinned the bottles to show three stages of the design process:

More images can be found tagged in flickr and via the fivepoundapp homepage.  If you’ve a question about the night then come join the FivePoundApp google group.  Finally – thanks to Danny for hosting and to John for yet more great cake.

Possible talks for the next event could include something about ClearLeft’s SilverBack, a Chumby demo and Seb’s postponed Arduino hardware hacking.  I’d love to see some more internal-company demos/start-ups/proto-projects, please ping if you’d be interested in talking.

Addition – great write-up at Ribot HQ, including discussion of how and why they branded their sponsored beer..


  • Entertaining, educational and informative, in salubrious surrounds and lovely audience, what more could one wish for? The beer and cake were the icing on top. Many thanks to all the organisers and presenters, sponsors & hosts.
  • Fantastic evening. Thank you, Ian and John, for bringing this together. 15 minutes for a demo, plus questions, was way harsh, but I guess it kept us all on our toes. Long live the Five Pound App!