£5 App Demo Day on 8th July (1 demo-spot left)

We’re trying a new format for the next £5 App event, it’ll be an evening Demo Camp (barcamp.org) where 6 people get to demo something cool or start-upy.

We’re looking for an even split between neat-geek and new-startup (preferably bootstrapped or angeled startups, no shiny-suits for sure).

Mark you attendance in Upcoming as usual (and un-attend if you can’t make it to leave space for others). We had 40 people last time, do reserve your seat sooner rather than later.

We have 6 confirmed speakers:

If you’d like to present at our next Demo Camp then get in contact with me (ian AT ianozsvald com) or John (demo AT fivepoundapp com).

Mr. Ribot has offered to Qik live-video the event (as he did last time), we’ll have beer and cake as usual and then we’ll be off to the pub.