Moving to WebFaction

Yesterday I moved my blog to WebFaction from GoDaddy.  The process was mostly painless, it tooks a few minutes to configure GoDaddy’s DNS system to point at WebFaction and it took over two hours for my domains to work properly at WebFaction (due to global DNS updates), but otherwise was painless.

Currently I’m running this blog from a WebFaction Shared1 account which allows unlimited applications and is very Python friendly (ShowMeDo runs at WebFaction, it is written in Python using TurboGears).

If you need Python[or Ruby]-friendly hosting then do checkout WebFaction, Remi and co are very helpful, problems are sorted within 24 hours (we’ve run ShowMeDo there for a year) and everything ‘just works’.

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  • Ian, You made a good choice, web faction is a top notch host. Keep me updated on how things go. Ross -