Last £5 App in our ‘year of stories’

Next week’s £5 App event is on April 8th at 13 Brunswick Square – this event marks the end of a ‘year of stories’ and from here we move to a workshop-style set of sessions.

First we showed that you can build a business or project without funding during our 11 great talks over the last year (see talk listings at the base of the page), now we want to concentrate on building up the skills that you require so everyone can take their next steps forward.

As always the event is free, I provide the beer and wine, John will bake a cake.

For this event Glenn Jones of Madgex will talk about the early days of the company and its formation and then some of the folk at ClearLeft will talk after the break on their new project.

After this John and I will discuss what we want to achieve in the new sessions and we’ll solicit ideas from you for the topics we need to cover.

This event marks a watershed in our approach and the plans we make could have a very positive effect on your own projects over the coming year. We’d welcome your ideas and input – please Attend on Upcoming to let us know how much beer we need to buy (and UnAttend if you can’t make it so I have sensible numbers for catering!).