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A review of ModelInsight’s growth this last year

Early last year Chris and I founded ModelInsight, a boutique Python-focused Data Science agency in London. We’ve grown well, I figure some reflection is in order. In addition the Data Science scene has grown very well in London, I’ll put some notes on that down below too. Through consulting, training, workshops and coaching we’ve had […]

Scikit-learn training in London this April 7-8th

We’re running a 2 day scikit-learn and statsmodels training course through my ModelInsight with Jeff Abrahamson (ex-Google) at the start of April (7-8th) in central London. You should join this course if you’d like to: confidently use scikit-learn to solve machine learning problems strengthen your statistical foundations so you know both what to use and why […]

Data-Science stuff I’m doing this year

2014 was an interesting year, 2015 looks to be even richer. Last year I got to publish my High Performance Python book, help co-organise the rather successful PyDataLondon2014 conference, teach High Performance in public (slides online) and in private, keynote on The Real Unsolved Problems in Data Science and start my ModelInsight AI agency. That […]

Lightning talk at PyDataLondon for Annotate

At this week’s PyDataLondon I did a 5 minute lightning talk on the Annotate text-cleaning service for data scientists that I made live recently. It was good to have a couple of chats after with others who are similarly bored of cleaning their text data. The goal is to make it quick and easy to […]

New Data Science training in April – Machine Learning (scikit-learn and statsmodels) and High Performance Python

In April my ModelInsight data science agency will be running two sets of 2-day training courses in London: Understand Statistics and Big Data using Scikit-Learn and Friends (April 7-8) including scikit-learn and statsmodels with a strong grounding in the necessary everyday statistics to use machine learning effectively High Performance Python (April 9-10) covering profiling (for […] self-learning text cleaner demo online

A few weeks I posted some notes on a self-learning text cleaning system, to be used by data scientists who didn’t want to invest time cleaning their data by hand. I have a first demo online over at (the demo code is here in github). The intuition behind this is that we currently divert […]

Data Science Jobs UK (ModelInsight) – Python Jobs Email List

I’ve had people asking me about how they can find data scientists in London and through our PyDataLondon meetup we’ve had members announcing jobs. There’s no central location for data science jobs so I’ve put together a new list (administered through my ModelInsight agency). Sign-up to the list here: Data Science Jobs UK (ModelInsight) Aimed […]

A first approach to automatic text data cleaning

In October I gave the opening keynote at PyConIreland on The Real Unsolved Problems in Data Science. One of the topics I covered was poor quality data, by some estimates data cleaning occupies 50-80% of a data scientist’s time. Personally I’ve just spent the better part of last year figuring out ways to convert poorly-represented […]