Public Python survey for “High Performance Python” book – your input much appreciated!

If you’re a Pythonista and you’re interested in reading our forthcoming High Performance Python book from O’Reilly we’d really appreciate 5-10 minutes of your time in our survey so we can discover what you want to learn about. Please mail this link to whoever you think would be interested (and ReTweet etc!).

We’ve already conducted a first survey with the people who are on our mailing list (see earlier post), if you’ve filled that survey in then there’s no need to do this additional survey. This second survey has some refinements to the first and is public (we’re interested in the variation in results from the mailing list I’ve collected in the last year and this more public survey now). You don’t need to sign-up, you just visit the site and spend 5-10 minutes ticking some boxes and writing as much (or little) as you want.

If you’d like to be notified about our progress and to help with the creation of the book please join our very-lightly-used mailing list.

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  • Craig
    What Python version is this book focused on? I assume Python 3?
  • @craig no - mostly Python 2.7 (still the dominant installation). This is a book with a pragmatic intent - helping people using Python in industry and academia, most of the installs (and libraries and environments) are setup for 2.7 (or older), so that's our audience. With that in mind if anything isn't easy to port to Py3.3+ then we'll flag it with a discussion.