Archive of month: June 2008

From Demon Internet to BeThere

I figured a quick report on my fab move from Demon Internet to BeThere was in order.  I was ‘pretty happy’ with my Demon adsl but I’m pretty wowed by BeThere. I decided to switch as a friend did a speedtest and had a much faster connection than I was getting with Demon under my […]

Science Companies around Brighton?

I’m asking you for some feedback – which science-based companies do you know of around the Brighton/London area?  Can you leave me a comment if you know one that I don’t already know? Why am I asking?  I’m an A.I. researcher by trade, I’ve used Python, C++, Java and Matlab to solve ‘interesting problems’ over […]

TurboGears caching decorator released (thanks John!)

John has just published his TurboGears Caching Decorator.  We’ve been using it on ShowMeDo for the last 6 weeks – our cpu usage dropped from 60%+ on our shared box down to <30%. Currently we cache the main pages for 1 hour, these ought to be extended to ‘forever’ since I have a good cache-expire […]