From Demon Internet to BeThere

I figured a quick report on my fab move from Demon Internet to BeThere was in order.  I was ‘pretty happy’ with my Demon adsl but I’m pretty wowed by BeThere.

I decided to switch as a friend did a speedtest and had a much faster connection than I was getting with Demon under my 8mb plan.  My Demon customer support chap told me that ‘I’d be unlikely to get a faster connection if I moved so I shouldn’t bother’ – since he was wrong I figured some numbers were in order.

I’ve moved from a £20/month plan to Be’s Pro £22/month.  My adsl has jumped from 3.5mb down/400k up to 11.1mb down/1.1mb up.  In fairness the new line is ADSL2+ whilst the Demon connection was ADSL but, heck, the customer support chap thought nothing of this.

I’m also impressed at Be’s attentiveness – I had a number of txts and emails telling me the status of everything and ‘it all just worked’ when I plugged it into my Ubuntu box.  I’m a happy customer.

Several weeks on – I’m still a happy customer.  Video come down really quickly, the connection only appeared to die once (but the router might have overheated – it all ‘just worked’ again when I tried an hour later with no reboots).  DNS resolution takes up to a few seconds sometimes but I’m willing to put up with that given the super-fast download speeds.

Recommend a friend – they have a recommendation plan, you get the installation fee waived and I get a month’s free subscription if I invite you in.  Ping me a mail if you’d like the invite (you don’t have to take it up, there appears to be no downside for me either).