Science Companies around Brighton?

I’m asking you for some feedback – which science-based companies do you know of around the Brighton/London area?  Can you leave me a comment if you know one that I don’t already know?

Why am I asking?  I’m an A.I. researcher by trade, I’ve used Python, C++, Java and Matlab to solve ‘interesting problems’ over the last 8 years for a number of clients.  Most of them have been somewhere between Brighton and London.

I’m looking for new A.I. research work and I’m wondering which other companies exist that I could approach.  Possibly you’re an A.I. bod / geek / post-grad researcher in the area who’d like to know which companies might offer jobs or consultancy work.

So far I can think of:

  • PANalytical at SInC (one of my current employers for interesting A.I. work)
  • Proneta at SInC (very small company, John Hother sometimes has A.I. related questions)
  • Observatory Sciences in Hove (seen via their job ad)
  • Infonic in Guildford (formerly Corpora, they acquired my old employer Algorithmix years back)
  • DataSlide via SInC (current employer, tiny + very smart ‘storage solutions’ company)
  • Ambiental at SInC (past employer, nice flood-risk simulations and modelling)
  • Elektro Magnetix at SInC
  • NeuroRobotics at SInC
  • MindLab at SInC (new company, looks cool if works as claimed)

There’s the rather obvious bias towards the Sussex Innovation Centre (SInC) in the list above. I’ve been involved with companies that are here so I know an awful lot of faces.  I’m sure there are related companies out and about in the local area – any suggestions?

I’ve also spotted one related company: