EuroPython 2010

I’m hugely looking forward to EuroPython in Birmingham from Monday. I’m driving up Monday very early (I wish I’d booked the hotel room for Sunday night too…). Browsing through the abstracts I’d say all the following look darned interesting!

  • C++ integration
  • concurrent sequential processes
  • Arduino hacking
  • javascript
  • OpenData
  • aerodynamics
  • PyPy and Unladen Swallow
  • game programming
  • OpenGL
  • Pyjamas
  • idiomatic Python
  • MediaCore
  • Twisted and gevent
  • science and maths
  • SHOGUN machine learning

I’ll bring Headroid along and I hope to organise a Birds of a Feather session on Artificial Intelligence and robotics. If you’re interested in these topics, I’d love to say hi!

Ian applies Data Science as an AI/Data Scientist for companies in ModelInsight and in his Mor Consulting, sign-up for Data Science tutorials in London. He also founded the image and text annotation API, lives in London and is a consumer of fine coffees.