Selling ProCasts

Having built ProCasts during 2009 (from ‘just me’ to a fab team of four) and then letting it sit quietly for the first half of this year I’m now selling the site as a lead-generation opportunity for a lucky fellow screencaster.

The site continues to generate leads each week – this has lead to some odd conversations where I try to explain that I’m not taking on any work – even though the client might be rather desperate for a UK solution. After another odd conversation a week back I decided it was time to pass the site on.

The site is listed at, the auction ends in 11 days. Via the message boards I’m having good conversations with existing screencasters and a few new entrants. It feels good to have built an asset that’ll help someone else win more business. Not only does the site generate leads but it also has solid traffic with a Page Rank of 6 and the business gets linked in forums by friendly third parties. has the full details, there’s also a short link on the ProCasts blog.

Personally I’ve returned to my long-term field of artificial intelligence research. The A.I. Cookbook is my new project site, I’m pushing out the ideas that I’ve sat on for years. Times continue to be interesting.

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