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London Python Meetups – active again

I’m pleased to see that the London Python meetups are running again. I’m also annoyed that I didn’t realise that one was running last night, but ho hum! There’s a write-up by Fuzzyman (Mr. voidspace) and Tim Golden and it sounds like the free beer, pizza and great talks went down a storm. Next time […]

Next £5 App Meet – Building Communities by Jeremy Keith (ClearLeft)

ClearLeft’s Jeremy Keith will be talking on how he built a large web community at next Tuesday’s £5 App. Sign-up on Upcoming please so I know numbers, or Unattend if you can’t make it (so I buy the right amount of beer). The Session ( is a community website dedicated to Irish traditional music that’s […]

Artificial Intelligence problems in Industry (things I’ve worked on)

A few days back Mihai commented an interest in the Artificial Intelligence work that I’ve undertaken in the past. I figure that a short run-down of the kinds of problems I’ve tackled might be interesting. Since 2004 I have run my own A.I. research consultancy – I’m blogging about the experience of becoming a freelance […]

PhpWiki on GoDaddy

A quick tip for any installers of PhpWiki on GoDaddy – it doesn’t seem to work if you use dba or dbm database types, but the flatfile type is fine.

Hungarian Notation

Joel on Software writes about the Wrong interpretation of (the Hungarian) Charles Simonyi’s markup ideas for programming languages. Instead of the mess that Microsoft has put foward in MFC for so long (lspwzwotsit), it turns out he had a much simpler idea. And the idea rocks, it’s just the kind of thing that good programmers […]
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