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A dating site that rocks

OkCupid – well, I’ve only just joined so I don’t know if it really rocks – but first impressions are good. First off – you don’t pay – they’ve got a slightly less cynical business model in mind. Second – you develop an online profile based on user-submitted questions – so nothing is predetermined. It […]

Collection of Entrepreneurial Tidbits

John points me at Where are all the UK start-ups?, a very interesting read with a heck of a lot of commentary from other budding entrepreneurs. This in turn inspired How to Build a Successful Web Startup in the UK – Part I (Part II online now) which has a slightly odd argument about how […]

CustomKnoppix write-up (archive), the market test by Duncan and I for a customised Knoppix distribution is finished, I ended the hosting a few nights back. Duncan and I ran the site for three months to test Google Adwords and of course to see if anyone wanted such a service. The test was successful in two ways: […]

Visible Quality of Service Polls?

I’ve just taken a look at a bunch of web hosting providers (for Python and Plone), and I’m having trouble deciding which of them offer a high level of service. If I visit five hosting providers websites I get nicely marketed homepages – but this doesn’t tell me how reliable they are, how much downtime […]