Visible Quality of Service Polls?

I’ve just taken a look at a bunch of web hosting providers (for Python and Plone), and I’m having trouble deciding which of them offer a high level of service.

If I visit five hosting providers websites I get nicely marketed homepages – but this doesn’t tell me how reliable they are, how much downtime I’d suffer or how flexible and helpful they are.

I can research forums and google the company names, but this all takes time – wouldn’t it be nicer if I could regularly see genuine customer feedback? Maybe you get your customers to vote about the quality of the service every month, perhaps in exchange for a discount (regardless of how they vote). All the results are shown in a little ticker on the front page. If the company gets an average 93% positive vote – isn’t that something worth shouting about?

Maybe then I’d go to these five hosting providers and several would have historic results on their homepage. You’d see hiccups when the service went down – I’d expect to see occasional failures, and I’d expect to see customers feeling happy very soon after if they were really being looked after.

Good providers wouldn’t be scared of the downside of occasional negative voting – they’d know that their long-term average was the main selling point. So why don’t we see this on the web?

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  • I found this hosting review site, and its even reviewed by users