CustomKnoppix write-up (archive), the market test by Duncan and I for a customised Knoppix distribution is finished, I ended the hosting a few nights back. Duncan and I ran the site for three months to test Google Adwords and of course to see if anyone wanted such a service.

The test was successful in two ways:

  • We learned a lot about marketing
  • We learned that people probably aren’t interested in customised Knoppix distros just yet ;->

I’ve written up some detailed notes about cost, referring search terms, click-throughs and browsers versions. What’s cool is that in the space of a few hours and a few hundred pounds we could validate an approach to a new idea – that’s just peanuts in money and time. I love the ‘net.

I owe a nod of thanks to Seth Godin‘s Big Red Fez for inspiring the php-based contact form (dead in the archived version I’m afraid) as a way of making it trivially easy for a visitor to ping us a contact request.

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