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CustomKnoppix write-up (archive), the market test by Duncan and I for a customised Knoppix distribution is finished, I ended the hosting a few nights back. Duncan and I ran the site for three months to test Google Adwords and of course to see if anyone wanted such a service. The test was successful in two ways: […]

New Theme

Hopefully I’ll settle on this theme and just stop faffing about. Thanks to Becca for providing the very refreshing Ocadia theme.


I see that my anonymous friend has launched shardcore, along with experimenting with selling his art via eBay (1, 2). Anyone else playing with a new venture?

Open-Source principles applied to films?

Joss Whedon, producer of the foolishly cancelled Firefly series (which was absolutely amazing, and so stupidly cut short by Fox) is taking a novel route to the release of Serenity, the film that (hopefully) ties up the loose ends of the series. Rather than keep the movie under tight wraps before the September 30th release, […]

Permalinks at GoDaddy

I’ve just switched Permalinks (definition) on for this Blog. It wasn’t clear whether my host GoDaddy supported the necessary mod_rewrite module…so I gave it a crack anyhow. It worked fine and all links were converted by WordPress automatically, so now the Permalinks are human readable (should you be so inclined). If you’ve linked to something […]

Stealth Start-Ups Suck

The CEO of bloglines asserts that Stealth Start-Ups Suck. He goes on to state that a start-up shouldn’t be stealth for longer than 3 month before going public and gathering feedback. Is it a coincidence that BookAnExpert gained proper commitment from Kyran and myself back in April, and we’re about to launch the first service? […]


Duncan has just launched his blog using the rather cool WordPress. He’s also just released the third version of JobTrawler, a Java based app to assist in job searching via sites like JobSite.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs gave the Commencement Address at Stanford a few days back. At first I ignored it, the original Slashdot title was Steve Jobs In Praise of Dropping Out and it all sounded a bit mushy. Having actually read it, I find I quite agree with what he says. I particularly like “If today were […]


Seth Godin recently released a new eBook (pdf), KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works. The book costs $9 and can be bought via PayPal. I’m glad that the pdf didn’t have any silly Digital Rights Management foolishness, unlike some eBooks that Amazon sell. The process was painless, the […]

Review ‘Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea’

I feel a little guilty here, hence this plug. I read most of this book over coffee in Borders and didn’t think I’d need to read it again so I didn’t buy it. Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea is a good book, it just wasn’t aimed at me. Seth Godin maintains his […]