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I’ve just added an About Me page with obligatory mindless comment. I’ve also added the excellent WP-ContactForm contact tool, also on the same page.

WikiNews reporting on the London Blast

WikiNews, the open source news reporting site, has been reporting on the London Blast from 30 minutes after the first blast. The original 4 line article was published 7th July 08:24 (time is UTC/GMT, so -1 hour on BST), and updates then occur at 08:34, 08:36, 08:38, 08:41, … and on until the most current […]

Londoner’s checked-in

In light of today’s blasts, people in London that I know are ok: all Ozsvalds/Wadsworths, all Brooms, Eve/Marc, Niamh, Angela, Jo, Ed Patient, Rob Hansen Duncan Jauncey/Vicky, Hector Maclean


Go vote for your favourite kitty. You get a choice of two kittens, pick one and his ranking goes up. The other, goes down. Iraiza-the-cute is the current winner, whilst this poor ugly wretch is somewhere near the bottom. ‘Winningest’ kittens here. Sourced via PeterBe.

European Patent Threat Squashed

The European Parliament on Wednesday rejected a proposed law to create a single way of patenting software across the European Union, a blow to big companies who had pushed hard for its adoption. Woohoo! Quote from here, original link here. And we won the 2012 Olympic bid. We rock!

Mobile Rant

Don’t ever buy a Motorola V600. Or a Motorola anything. This is undisputedly the worst mobile I have owned. Every two months it forgets that I’ve asked it not to sing whenever I touch the keyboard, and two months is just long enough for me to forget how to silence the darned thing. Nokia – […]

Devil’s Tower

Whilst watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind I got curious about the alien’s landing zone at the Devil’s Tower (Wyoming). I found a beautiful overhead shot via Google Maps. If you zoom right in and pan a little left you’ll see the visitor centre – the maps are so detailed you can even make […]

Review: War of the Worlds

Oh heck, I’m not going to say much about this – Spielberg does it again. Aliens turned up a million years ago and buried giant killing robots underground. We missed them and built cities over them. They sit in space and watch us for years then zap pilots down into the robots so they can […]

Shardcore in the news

ShardCore has been interviewed, When I see the work from UK cult artist Shardcore, I know that these pieces represent more than just the images at face value. There’s something else in play. His mixed media work features pop culture icons juxtapozed with vibrant paint strokes.