Eve launches TieTheKnotPictures.co.uk

Eve has officially launched her friendly wedding photography service – Tie The Knot Pictures:

Tie the Knot Pictures offers a fun and lively wedding photography service, guaranteed to capture all the best moments of your big day

I vouch not only for Eve’s professional and enthusiastic attitude, but also for the fun she brings to the job – she’s cool. And awww, if that isn’t Ed and Caroline on the front page. Good luck Eve!

Ed and Caroline


  • Duncan Jauncey
    Great stuff - though the page doesn't appear to have any contact details or further links. Nice design though.
  • Duncan Jauncey
    I should add: the page doesn’t appear to have any contact details or further links when viewed with firefox.
  • Duncan Jauncey
    Ah, got to the bottom of the problem. It's my firefox AdBlock plugin blocking the flash navigation bar. It might be a good idea to have a static html version if flash isn't detected, but it works for now.
  • Duncan Jauncey
    It's a shame there isn't a more general option: just providing some webspace where guests can upload their own photos & share them. Not part of the normal income stream, but it would help get publicity..
  • Ian
    Ah, yes, the old problems with Flash, I've suggested some changes to Eve. I like the idea of the shared web-space, that's what Andy Broom was working on (you still working on it, Andy?).