Londoner’s checked-in

In light of today’s blasts, people in London that I know are ok:
all Ozsvalds/Wadsworths, all Brooms, Eve/Marc, Niamh, Angela, Jo, Ed Patient, Rob Hansen
Duncan Jauncey/Vicky, Hector Maclean


  • andy broom
    now this is a great use of technology, well impressed
  • I've still got one person (Nin) to account for. Text is still not getting through and he's not responding to email. He should have been through central london pretty early on the commute to the south cost, so I'm keeping fingers crossed he's OK. Jamie got to work late to find an exploded bus outside his office. Thank goodness for delays on the Brighton line eh? I'm surprised this hasn't been a worse incident given the number of people using the tube during rush hour. What bastards...
  • Finally news: "Yeah I'm fine. Normally go through Liverpool street every day, but thought I'd try a different route through fenchurch street yesterday. So was two stops away when the first bomb went off. We were stuck outside tower hill for 5 minutes at about that time then we got to the station, which was my stop anyway. Didn't know anything until i got into work and was told about the bus." A lucky twist of fate. I'm a big fan of those...
  • Ian
    Glad to hear everyone got checked in, as best I know nobody I know has been in any way affected (bar 3 hour journey times to work, and a bit of a walk to Victoria to get home again later). It's been good to see so many people posting pics of how quickly London has returned to normal.