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£5 App write-ups

[Edit – this follows on from the announce post here: Great Inaugral Night post] Both Simon (Geek dinners) and Jane have write-ups from our first evening and Jane very kindly took photos for us. Here are John and myself: and there are more here and here. “Inspirational Entrepreneurial Geekiness”: “Having been to the excellent first […]

£5 App – Great Inaugral night :-)

Great stuff! Our first £5 App night ran smoothly, we had 22 people listening to our two £5 App talks. We’ve been planning this for exactly a month now and it was great to see it run so well. It seems that the free beer was a hit and the building itself lent itself beautifully […]

13 Brunswick Sq – The Front Door

Danny sent me this link for tonight’s £5 App meetup. 13 Brunswick Sq has no door number or obvious buzzer so, in the spirit of ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’:

£5 App at Brunswick Square

Our £5 App evening (Tuesday March 27th 8pm) gathers pace. John and I went for a visit to the very cool venue at 13 Brunswick Square (beige door, see Update at bottom of this entry): The building is perfect – it has exactly the right atmosphere for a startup event. John and I shall provide […]

Hanging the Kittens

Shardcore’s greatest piece – the Electromechanical kittens (of pure and unstoppable evil) – now hangs on my wall. This piece is a follow-up to his earlier Mechanical kittens. I am a happy man. Next week Shardcore exhibits a selection of his work at our first £5 App meet. Woot!

My first paid-for ShowMeDo series – woot!

Earlier in the week I launched Python Newbies on XP – my first paid-for series at ShowMeDo. The two-hours of material will get a new coder comfortably writing Python code using a choice of IDE. I’m rather happy to have distilled so much knowledge into 9 short videos and making the 3 exercises was rather […]

£5 App Meet – March 27th Brighton

We have a date for the event, now listed in Upcoming for Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 13 Brunswick Square (thanks Danny!). The first speakers will be John on his Chrss and myself on ShowMeDo. I plan to cover something like the following: How we started How, in a year, we grew to 1,000 visitors […]

2nd Girl Geek Dinner

I attended my first Girl Geek Dinner on Monday (thank Manuela!), their 2nd-ever event down here. Niqui gave an interesting talk about accessibility using Flash. I’ve never worried about Accessibility before but Niqui said that 1 in 8 people in the UK have some sort of accessibility requirement (poor sight, preference not to use mouse, […]

Geek Dinner, $5 Apps

Last night’s Geek Dinner went very well and numbers were obviously from the last one. Kudo’s to Simon for organising again. John and I stood-up and asked about our $5 App Meetup proposal. We received a grand response and now we have 20 people interested (and I have quite a few ears to bend yet). […]