£5 App write-ups

[Edit – this follows on from the announce post here: Great Inaugral Night post]

Both Simon (Geek dinners) and Jane have write-ups from our first evening and Jane very kindly took photos for us. Here are John and myself:

John and Ian at £5 App Meet

and there are more here and here.

“Inspirational Entrepreneurial Geekiness”:

“Having been to the excellent first £5 app (i.e. writing an app in evenings and weekends) evening yesterday, I spent a couple of hours tonight on my effort.”

“£5 App Evening”:

“Lots of discussion was generated, and both speakers had plenty of questions to answer – they both did well and neither seemed particularly stumped by any of them.”

Thanks to Jane and Danny for the photos, and Jane and Simon for the neat write-ups 🙂