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31 May 2008 - 18:44Python Demos in Brighton @ £5 App Demo Camp

On the evening of Tuesday July 8th (upcoming) we’re having a Demo Camp in Brighton as the new format for our regular £5 App hack/story evenings.  Everyone is welcome, we normally have 20-40 people, London Python folk are especially welcome.

The current 6 talks (2 for Python – woot!) are:

Do you have something to demo?  Get in contact (ian AT ianozsvald.com), maybe we can fit you into this event or maybe the next one.  The next event may well have more of a start-up focus (if you’re running a start-up and you’d like a demo spot please do get in touch!).

The location is a bus-ride along Western Road, it’ll take about 20 minutes from Brighton station (see the upcoming page for maps).  The evening is free, it’ll be bring-your-own-beer (and I’ll aim to bring some spare beer and a hat-for-cash for those who forget).

Ribot was kind enough to video the last event, take a look to get an idea of what to expect (at this event we were trying to figure out the format for 2008’s talks).

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31 May 2008 - 18:31Looking for A.I./Python Consultancy Work

I’m now on the look-out for some interesting A.I. or Python related work in the South-East.  An interesting challenge involving Python around Brighton/London could be quite cool.  My skills and experience are listed on my MorConsulting work site.

I have some more time on my hands as I’m winding-back my involvement in ShowMeDo (the video-tutorial site with a Python focus that I co-founded in 2005) as Kyran will shortly be taking the reigns full-time.

I could have two weeks a month to bring to bear on a new problem, preferably something hard that needs some A.I. and thinking.

Does the Python community have a ‘skills available’ site for the UK?  I couldn’t see anything so I figured that this public post might be the best way to get the word out.

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30 May 2008 - 10:38Inuda’s new HowSociable.com

At likemind beer last night Jon told me about his new HowSociable.com app, a demonstrator for the kind of projects that Inuda like doing.

I plugged in ShowMeDo (howsociable.com/showmedo) and discovered that several users have been twittering, some photos of an old presentation are in flickr and that some of our videos are in YouTube.

By itself this service is pretty limited – now I’ve seen what’s out there there’s nothing else I can do.  I hope that Jon extends this, it’d be useful to e.g. receive monthly updates on how the numbers have changed from the previous month.  Having a passive update of our popularity delivered to my inbox would surely be a useful service.

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27 May 2008 - 18:57Convertible Mazda MX-5 for sale – super fun!

Emily’s MX-5 is for sale, she describes it as “Good condition. Very reliable. Tons of fun to drive.”.  I’ll agree with the Fun To Driveness of it, I love taking it out for a spin.

Since she works in town now the car just sits outside the house which is a bit of a waste, Emily’s planning to build some robots with the capital the car will release instead.

You’ll see pictures of the car by following this link or this photo, contact details are there too:

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27 May 2008 - 9:31Moving to WebFaction

Yesterday I moved my blog to WebFaction from GoDaddy.  The process was mostly painless, it tooks a few minutes to configure GoDaddy’s DNS system to point at WebFaction and it took over two hours for my domains to work properly at WebFaction (due to global DNS updates), but otherwise was painless.

Currently I’m running this blog from a WebFaction Shared1 account which allows unlimited applications and is very Python friendly (ShowMeDo runs at WebFaction, it is written in Python using TurboGears).

If you need Python[or Ruby]-friendly hosting then do checkout WebFaction, Remi and co are very helpful, problems are sorted within 24 hours (we’ve run ShowMeDo there for a year) and everything ‘just works’.

webfaction logo

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22 May 2008 - 9:34£5 App Demo Day on 8th July (1 demo-spot left)

We’re trying a new format for the next £5 App event, it’ll be an evening Demo Camp (barcamp.org) where 6 people get to demo something cool or start-upy.

We’re looking for an even split between neat-geek and new-startup (preferably bootstrapped or angeled startups, no shiny-suits for sure).

Mark you attendance in Upcoming as usual (and un-attend if you can’t make it to leave space for others). We had 40 people last time, do reserve your seat sooner rather than later.

We have 6 confirmed speakers:

If you’d like to present at our next Demo Camp then get in contact with me (ian AT ianozsvald com) or John (demo AT fivepoundapp com).

Mr. Ribot has offered to Qik live-video the event (as he did last time), we’ll have beer and cake as usual and then we’ll be off to the pub.

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