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28 February 2007 - 16:18$5 Apps – a new geek meet

Quoting from The Five Buck Idea:

“Face it, startups are cool”
“You aren’t looking to build a service that solves world hunger, or manages the schedules of entire companies, or does anything really that complicated sounding.
You want something simple, almost to the point of ridiculousness, and heck, worth probably about five dollars. Extra points if someone under 20 scoffs and says,
‘Shit man, I can code that up in a weekend.'”

John and I are organising a series of geek nights, along the lines of the Sussex Geek Dinners, Girl Geek Dinners, and the Ruby Meet, aimed at those of us who like ‘$5 Apps’. The notion being that the value is in the sweat-and-tears of the implementation rather than in the original idea.

The nights will be themed around:

  • One or two man bands writing apps and making them work
  • Agile development
  • Little or no conventional marketing
  • Taking a simple idea and just getting on and doing it

The first night will see me and John talking about ShowMeDo and Chrss, with a few more speakers already planned.

More details to come, drop me a comment if you want a notification.

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15 February 2007 - 11:402nd Brighton Ruby Meet-up

James had organised the 2nd Brighton Ruby meet-up for Tuesday, at The Eagle in the North Laines. I went along and met a bunch of great people, including Dan Glegg, the organiser James, KevTheDev, Jon Markwell and the Geek Dinner organiser Simon (he’s looking for consultancy work, btw).

Dan did a great talk on his experience running a 1-man Ruby/Rails consultancy and told us how he was growing his first commercial Rails app, the no-nonsense Tails bug-tracker. We plan to help Dan publicise Tails via some ShowMeDo videos.

I also had the chance of talking to everyone about our ShowMeDo and there’s clearly a demand for Ruby/Rails tutorial videos. James offered to help us out by asking around in the Ruby IRC channels, it’ll be great to host new Ruby videos and get new Ruby coders up and running more quickly.

I look forward to the next event, and to catching up with everyone again at the 9th Geek Dinner on Feb 28th.

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3 February 2007 - 20:30Radio Paradise

It isn’t often that a site comes along that suddenly captures a chunk of my daily attention – but Radio Paradise has quickly reminded me of ‘radio of old’. I say ‘of old’ because I haven’t used my digital radio in over a year, I got quite fed-up with the silly adverts and inane chatter. That changes with Radio Paradise – this is a user-supported Internet radio station, offering excellent-quality (no interruption) streaming radio for free. Yes, really. I’m listening at 128kbps AAC via VLC and it sounds better than my old radio.

John covered this recently, the only income for the station is through merchandise and iTunes referral fees. There are no adverts and very little speech, just lots of good eclectic rock (yay! I just heard salsa from the Buena Vista Social Club!). There’s a little more background over at wikipedia and a (geek-tastic) hourly-updated world-wide listener map. Oh my, now they’re playing Alabama 3 – these guys rock!

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