Radio Paradise

It isn’t often that a site comes along that suddenly captures a chunk of my daily attention – but Radio Paradise has quickly reminded me of ‘radio of old’. I say ‘of old’ because I haven’t used my digital radio in over a year, I got quite fed-up with the silly adverts and inane chatter. That changes with Radio Paradise – this is a user-supported Internet radio station, offering excellent-quality (no interruption) streaming radio for free. Yes, really. I’m listening at 128kbps AAC via VLC and it sounds better than my old radio.

John covered this recently, the only income for the station is through merchandise and iTunes referral fees. There are no adverts and very little speech, just lots of good eclectic rock (yay! I just heard salsa from the Buena Vista Social Club!). There’s a little more background over at wikipedia and a (geek-tastic) hourly-updated world-wide listener map. Oh my, now they’re playing Alabama 3 – these guys rock!