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Entrepreneuring and Serenity

Wow, now it’s been a full month since I last posted. Time flies when you’re busy. I’m glad to say that I’ve finished the Government (DTI) entrepreneurship grant that I’ve been working on since April – and not only did the DTI like the report, they’ve also paid promptly. I’ll say more on that later, […]

Review: The Island

Hmmm, John had warned me that it was going to be a long film. Clones grown for body parts, a Ewan McGregor (Lincoln Six Echo) with a really bad American accent and a film that was about twice as long as necessary. After about an hour when our good-boy clone Lincoln Six Echo has escaped […]

How It Should Have Ended

Most excellent – go see the Star Wars Episode IV (that’s the original 1970s one) ‘alternative ending’. There’s also an alternative ending for The Matrix Revolutions (not bad, good critique) and Saving Private Ryan (a bit silly really). 5-15mb each, several minutes long.

Review: War of the Worlds

Oh heck, I’m not going to say much about this – Spielberg does it again. Aliens turned up a million years ago and buried giant killing robots underground. We missed them and built cities over them. They sit in space and watch us for years then zap pilots down into the robots so they can […]

Open-Source principles applied to films?

Joss Whedon, producer of the foolishly cancelled Firefly series (which was absolutely amazing, and so stupidly cut short by Fox) is taking a novel route to the release of Serenity, the film that (hopefully) ties up the loose ends of the series. Rather than keep the movie under tight wraps before the September 30th release, […]

Sin City

Great opening scene (Sin City). Then confusion. There was I expecting a linear narrative, only to find several comic-book stories in one film. Sucker me, didn’t see that one coming – I kept trying to piece the bits together. There’s Brucie Boy as Hartigan nearly acting again, then shot oh-so-nearly dead. Next up we have […]

Blade Trinity

It always looks bad when they start the movie by explaining what’s happening right to the camera. Oh oh. But then…joy! We have the inspired addition of Van Wilder: Party Liason‘s Ryan Reynolds as an ex-vampire playboy gay vampire-killer, with his collection of one-liners and silly faces. But the vampire Pomeranian dog? The music was […]

Kingdom of Heaven is rubbish

I went, I saw and I wasn’t that impressed. And this silly person even says Orlando Bloom, actually surprisingly, was able to carry the movie as a lead. I was surprised he had the heft to do it, but I agree with the critic who said that the beard helped. He was a man, not […]