Blade Trinity

It always looks bad when they start the movie by explaining what’s happening right to the camera. Oh oh. But then…joy! We have the inspired addition of Van Wilder: Party Liason‘s Ryan Reynolds as an ex-vampire playboy gay vampire-killer, with his collection of one-liners and silly faces. But the vampire Pomeranian dog?

The music was cool and the fight scenes not half-bad, but not a touch on the original Blade‘s blood-from-the-ceiling nightclub meat fest. Oh yeah – the good guys have new shiny Macs and iPods, the bad guys have old clunky PCs. Does that make me a bad guy too?

Thumbs up for a good ol’ lazy morning film – won’t engage your brain but won’t make your brain try to escape your head either.

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  • The overt iPod/Powerbook product placement was a bit much (even for a Mac-user), but the film was perfectly enjoyable - if not that "good"(*). * used in the absolutist sense.