Software Engineering for Data Scientists and Successfully Delivering Data Science Projects – 2 courses for May

In May I’m running 2 courses:

The first is aimed at data scientists who have had a bad or wobbly delivery who want to learn better ways to design projects, derisk their stages and deliver more reliably. After the course you’ll have a guide to writing sensible project specifications, a new process to follow, new tools to help your team write stronger data science solutions and you’ll have had Q&A time to get your own questions answered.

The second is aimed at data scientists who lack software engineering experience, who need practice in writing stronger code, documentation, readability, collaborative practices, testing and trustworthiness of their code to be able to deliver useful production-ready systems. After the course you’ll write stronger code, you’ll be able to supportively critique the code of your colleagues and you’ll be able to have stronger conversations with the engineering team at your organisation.

Both courses use a slack channel which is live after the training, past students are still asking questions and getting answers from other students – by attending you’ll have access to this resource and we have healthy Q&A time in the courses to get all of your uncertainties resolved so you can take answers back to your office.

“One of the highlights from Ian’s Successfully Delivering Data Science Projects course was being introduced to the concept of a specialised project specification document. This provides a systematic framework to directly tackle numerous problems I have experienced when trying to move a project beyond an initial prototyping stage. I have now applied my own tailored specification document at my organisation and it immediately surfaced critical questions and issues that otherwise would not have been realised for months.” – Thomas Brown, Data Scientist at

Both are linked on my training page, there’s an email list there where I first announce new courses.

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