Archive of month: July 2014

IPython Memory Usage interactive tool

I’ve written a tool (ipython_memory_usage) to help my colleague and I understand how RAM is allocated for large matrix work, it’ll work for any large memory allocations (numpy or regular Python or whatever) and the allocs/deallocs are reported after every command. Here’s an example – we make a matrix of 10,000,000 elements costing 76MB and […]

Second PyDataLondon Meetup a Javascript/Analystic-tastic event

This week we ran our 2nd PyDataLondon meetup (@PyDataLondon), we had 70 in the room and a rather techy set of talks. As before we hosted by Pivotal (@gopivotal) via Ian – many thanks for the beer and pizza! I took everyone to the pub after for a beer on out  data science consultancy to […]